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DSL Line activation issue?

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03 janvier 2020 (edité)



Apologies for writing in english - I only arrived in France recently and are still learning the langauge.


I ordered the RedbySFR DSL line on December 12th.

The email said the line would be activated after 14 days.


I picked up the box itself on the 19th of December.

On 20 December I received another email saying the activation would take up to 14 days.


However, earlier this week when I try to 'follow the order' on the RedbySFR app, it said SFR was still waiting for the equipmewnt to be delivered.

And today, when I log into the app, its says "suite a votre resiliation, vous ne pouvez pas acceder a l'application".

However, I have never cancelled my contract!


Should I just continue to wait?

If not, is there a way to contact Red by SFR directly through email or chat to understand what is happening?


Kind regards,



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06 janvier 2020

Hello @EdeVries 

Sorry about this bad experience. What is happening to you is not normal. 

Have you already contact the customer service ? (They speak english !)

You can use the number dedicated to new client 0 801 82 00 36

And also contact the customer service on private Message on Facebook and Twitter.

Kind regards.

Marion, Team RED